This is going to be a short post

If you’re reading this you probably have me/other vegans on your instagram, facebook and other social media outlets. You are probably accustomed to seeing vegans forever posting about being vegan and how it positively affects their lives, how great it is etc. etc. etc.

In all honesty there is an ABUNDANCE of reasons for going vegan. Levels I can’t fit that all into 1 blog post lol but, after releasing ‘NATURAL LIVING | EPISODE 4 – you are what you eat (part 1)’ on YouTube earlier this week, I do feel it is important to highlight how the food YOU put into your body affects YOU.


Time for a quick science lesson. Energy is SO KEY!!! In physics, energy is a fundamental property of an object (every object/living being holds energy). Now this energy can be TRANSFERRED to other objects/living beings or CONVERTED into different forms (of energy). ENERGY CANNOT BE CREATED OR DESTROYED. Repeat after me: ENERGY CANNOT BE DESTROYED. ENERGY. CANNOT. BE. DESTROYED.

When we cage up non-human animals in factories, we are denying them an outlet to express their emotions and life purposes. They can’t run around, relate to each other, have sex, take care of their children, explore stuff. They can’t do anything. Can you image how horrible you would feel (both mentally and physically) if all you could do was sit in one room for your whole life whilst being tortured?

These non-human animals are put through such gruelling circumstances their whole lives that their anxiety and depression levels are through the roof. Anxiety and depression creates energies and vibrations in those animals: these energies/vibrations stay within that animals flesh from the moment it is killed to the moment it goes into your body. Your body then transfers the energy into 1 of 3 things: heat, doing work or it is stored into fat. Remember what we said earlier about how physics states that energy cannot be destroyed? When you eat meat, you obtain the animals negative energy.

The same goes for milk/cheese etc. Even though the cow wasn’t killed in the process, she still feels pain and sadness from being caged up and having her children kidnapped. The milk/cheese produced is basically a bundle of her negative energy being held together by a tangle of painful vibrations.

This is what I see when I see milk, cheese and other dairy products: a tortured cow with infected udders.
This is what I see when I see milk, cheese and other dairy products: a tortured cow with infected udders.

In conclusion, putting meat/eggs/dairy into your body makes you feel rubbish (even if you don’t realise it) because of energy transferral so PLEASE guys, be mindful of how you fuel your body. Remember, ENERGY CANNOT BE DESTROYED. Be aware of where you obtain your energy from so you can be the BEST VERSION OF YOU!! Don’t eat to survive, eat to thrive!

Hope you all have an amazing Saturday

Much love

Jez xoxo


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